Watches Jaquet Droz Base of Minerals and Haute Horlogerie


Watches Base of Minerals and There is a treasure of rocks, crystals and minerals, a wonderful artistic manifestation of nature. Born in the bowels of our planet or on the edge of the universe, since the dawn of humanity inspires emotions rare and always new. It is the soul ore Jaquet Droz, a breath of life that captures the natural splendor of the stones to give light on the dials of its timepieces. Coarsely cut in its raw state, is through the processing of these materials reveal all their charms.Each stone encloses the mysterious properties, it is said, moreover, that is not the person to choose the stone but it is to choose his own. La Maison offers a mystical interpretation of time here is Watches Jaquet Droz Base of Minerals and Haute Horlogerie.

Jaquet Droz lady 8 Aventurine – J014500270
Aventurine is a type of glass that comes from a good error handling. In the early seventeenth century, a master glassmaker, dropped a small amount of metal powder in the molten glass paste. Once cooled, the glass had a sparkling brightness and somewhat mysterious.From this fortuitous gesture, gave birth to a special kind of decorative glass and iridescent. Draw a picture featuring a starry night. The depth emanating from his intense blue has been captured in all its glory by Lady 8 of Jaquet Droz. Always on the move, his star shine with a soft light and relaxing.

Bronzite – J003033357
Light and shade of brown, ocher and gold, the bronzite stone is a variety of colors but pretty similar. The landscape of colorful straws earth emerges due to polishing, but the depth of its particles red and beige to animate it. Hot and slim, the bronzite derives its strength from the ground where it originated.Stone apparently insignificant in the rough, acquires prestige with human intervention. It is thanks to her expert hand that the Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Bronzite of releasing its light and reveals the personality of the mineral.

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Imperial Jasper – J003033387
To create the imperial jasper, nature is discovered watercolorist, choosing soft colors, sometimes greedy. Yellow, pink, green, orange and even blue: everyone is going to catch the eye, weaving in a polychrome endless.Unique heritage of a remote canyon in the heart of Mexico, this veined stone is one of the finest jasper, which are distinguished on the grounds that they permeate, such as mineral veins that run through the face of the .

Jaquet Droz Grande Date Lapis Lazuli – J016933278
The lapis lazuli stone was the most popular in the ancient world. From the Egyptians to the Incas through the Sumerians, the tonic vibration of intense color has seduced the most ancient civilizations lived on the planet. This rock particles flow into a deep blue color and traces of white and gold.The regular dispersion of these particles, as well as making vital, allowed the lapis lazuli pigment to become the most valuable of the Renaissance: ultramarine blue. Its unique color gives the Grande Date Lapis Lazuli Jaquet Droz all the emotion and delicacy that distinguish

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Meteorite J003033340
A fragment of asteroid enters the atmosphere and becomes a shooting star. Trained together with our solar system more than 4 billion years ago, the meteorite falls to Earth. His heart revealed a needle-like pattern, a pattern of arabesques and geometric changing.Composed of iron and nickel as the core of the Earth, brings us to the mysteries of infinity and the origins of the world. Rich in feature space and time scales, drug Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde meteorite was created literally from another planet.

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