Hamilton and Interstellar


Hamilton and Interstellar The protagonist of the film produced by #paramount pictures and Warner Bros, Cooper (played by #matthew mcconaughey) wears in the film just a Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date steel, a model aviator perfectly in tune with the pioneering spirit of the film. Cooper’s daughter, Murph, wearing a Hamilton in turn, developed specifically for the character. It is a unique and tailored. This “leading role” in Interstellar is the latest in a series of more than 400 participants of the brand in the world of cinema. The first…

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Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum


#hamilton khaki pilot pioneer aluminum The new Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum is for those who want a (lightweight wrist). The iconic military watch, was first played by Hamilton, aluminum, material ever used in aviation.The Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum line consists of four models in sandy colors, green, khaki, deep black, and navy blue, reminiscent of the uniforms of special forces pilot. Cutting-edge design Hamilton gives a contemporary twist to a new range of watches inspired by the timepiece created by the brand for the Royal Air Force in the 70s.The…

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