Piaget Black Tie Inspiration vintage and traditional

Piaget Black Tie Vintage
In the 60s and 70s the maison piaget showed great creative audacity with atypical forms, vibrant colors and rare materials. Gradually, thanks to exceptional models with original designs, Piaget became the preferred brand of many celebrities and members of the international jet-set. The two models of this symbol was so full of creativity, are now presented in new versions: a jewel-watch and a men’s watch, both carved in gold and with the dial in hard stone.


When this watch coussin made its first appearance, the atypical case design was a real surprise, contrary to the rules, it was round or square nor rectangular, it was quite the three things in one.To create the rounded corners of the case, Piaget made much of refined gold techniques as the superposition of matt and glossy surfaces to create a depth effect. Returning to the dials in hard stone of the ’60s, the has been reinvented for the in Paris in three models of the collection with dials in lapis lazuli, jade and corundum.Without changing the image unique and exceptional dimensions in the original model, the new version of the Black Tie has a more slender profile thanks to the use of the automatic movement 534P. The yellow gold has been replaced by the white to create greater contrast with the deep black onyx. The watch is meticulously cared for in every detail and is characterized by the case back satin, embellished with the Piaget coat of arms, and the lines of cash immediately recognizable. The strap is black alligator.


Since the ’60s, the fusion between watchmaking and goldsmith’s art has enabled Piaget to explore the magic of precious stones and gold in producing amazing creations. This evolution has matched the noble nature of the materials to a wide variety of colors, in order to reflect the creative freedom through exceptional forms and vivid hue studded with diamonds.The ultra-thin calibers and jewelery watches were then paired with gold bracelets with design and manufacturing increasingly elaborate. A watch in particular, with its oval case with diamonds and emeralds, jade in the dial and bracelet delicately engraved, became one of the most elegant models favored by celebrities of the time.


This year’s collection, which is inspired by this legendary timepiece, intends to perpetuate the tradition of Piaget in the processing of gold, a skill well represented by the beauty of the delicate bracelet. The multitude of links assembled creates a very refined and each component is made with precision to create a ‘fabric’ exceptionally lightweight.The bracelet is integrated in the case, forming a unique set. The oval dial silvered emphasizes the size jewel of this new creation and is a perfect complement to the line of diamonds that adorn the bezel. Diamonds thanks all’incastonatura claw, perform in a seductive play of light. The movement is quartz, Manufacture Piaget 56P.

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