Patek Philippe Chiming Jump Hour Watch


Patek Jump Hour Watch  5275 (celebrating the 175th anniversary of manufacture) combines three directions “jumping” to a ring tone that strikes the hours filled in a classic tonneau case.When you look at the passage of time on Chiming Jump Hour, you will immediately notice the second hand, which instantly jumps from one second to another on the scale track.Otherwise, everything is still on the gold dial decorated with a floral pattern.But when the second hand reaches the figure 60, the jumps instantly also the next minute.And, when time is reached, the digital clock at 12 o’clock the next digit jumps too, so perfectly synchronized with the stopwatch second and minute hands.In addition, the watch produces a clicking sound that keeps time with the new one stroke.The Chiming Jump Hour 5275 is produced in a limited edition of 175 pieces (like the 175 years of watchmaking ).The indications jumping, are complications that require great technique, a mechanical wristwatch normal, the hands move with a continuous motion to the rhythm of the bar.The latter generally oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 or 28,800 / hour, that is, from 6 to 8 alternations per second. For each alternation, the rocker arm, advances the wheel still, of a tooth, and this movement is transmitted, to the hands through the gear train.The progression of the hands with a continuous motion, it is easily perceptible, to the second, but is carried out in steps so tiny for the minutes and the hours that you can just guess.


Even the Chiming Jump Hour possesses a rocker arm, which carries 8 alternations per second. But this balance, it does not release its energy directly to the gear train, it sends it to a storage device, which is not the issue, the second wheel until after 8 alternations.Similarly, the energy stored in 60 seconds, is transmitted at once to the wheel of the minutes, and the stored energy during 60 minutes ago jump in one fell swoop, the digital display of the hour.This indication in apertures involves an additional difficulty, because the disk of hours, it’s more of a heavy hand, and therefore requires more energy. How to ringing the hour, by means of a hammer beating on a stamp, which is also in need of extra energy.This challenge has been successfully collected, the new HGS 32-650 PS caliber with manual winding. Were necessary, four years of work to Patek Philippe, to develop an internal, mechanisms that would allow, at the same time, store the energy, for the indications jumping, and to synchronize the second jump of seconds, minutes and hours, a search technique crowned by filing three patents.The highlight, among these innovations, is the receiver of seconds in Silinvar® (a derivative of silicon), coupled to a spiral spring, which allows to store the energy of the rocker 8 alternations per second.The receiver is connected via a hook to a wheel in Silinvar® with ‘wolf teeth “(asymmetric), which meshes with the second wheel. Each, 8 alternations, the receiver, is lifted, the wheel advances wolf teeth of a tooth, and turns the wheel of seconds of 6 degrees, which advances the seconds hand, of a second.Thanks to its reduced mass, and the almost total absence of friction, between the hook and the teeth of a wolf, this high-tech material, ensures, in fact, excellent energy efficiency, which presents great vantagg, the in a movement, that must drive three displays synchronized jumping.

Patek Philippe Chiming Jump Hour Strap


This new jewel of haute horlogerie signed Patek Philippe is enclosed within a tonneau case of platinum, which is also manufactured in the factory. The sides of the case middle, are decorated with engravings, which offer the same floral motifs, which are located around the edge of the dial and rim of minutes.
At 10 am, we find the small cursor to activate or isolate the ringing time. The ring in platinum, with a very handy knurl, is surmounted by a cross of Calatrava in relief. The watch comes with a solid base in platinum with the engraving “Patek Philippe Geneve 175th Anniversaire 1839-2014.”The gold dial has a large window at 12 o’clock, for the jumping hour digital indication. The minute hand, rotates in a circle decentralized upwards, with a scale divided, from black Arabic numerals, for five minute intervals, and by small round indices for the minutes.At 6 o’clock the small seconds are generously sized, with scale binary black, black Arabic numerals and Breguet hand in black nickel. These recommendations are also made with the care of legendary perfection, Patek Philippe. Since it is jumping directions, it is very important indeed, that any indication at rest, is exactly in the proper position, the figure at the center of the window clock, the minute hand to the corresponding index, while the second hand must aim precisely on the exact breakdown of the scale track.

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