Hamilton and Interstellar

Hamilton and Interstellar
The protagonist of the film produced by and Warner Bros, Cooper (played by ) wears in the film just a Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date steel, a model aviator perfectly in tune with the pioneering spirit of the film. Cooper’s daughter, Murph, wearing a Hamilton in turn, developed specifically for the character. It is a unique and tailored.
This “leading role” in Interstellar is the latest in a series of more than 400 participants of the brand in the world of cinema. The first dates back more than 60 years ago, when Hamilton watches made their appearance in the movie “The Frogmen”. “Our work with Interstellar is an example of the ongoing relationship that we have with Hollywood for 60 years and our collaboration with many talented professionals behind the scenes that help in giving life to their characters,” said Sylvain Dolla, CEO of Hamilton International.

Among the stars of “INTERSTELLAR” there are Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow and Michael Caine. The time of the humans on Earth is about to end and a group of explorers undertakes the most important mission of human history, beyond the confines of our galaxy, to find out if humanity will have a future in the stars.

The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch with an automatic movement, water resistant to 100 meters and with a case diameter of 42 mm. It has a big dial, easy to read, indicating the date and day, chronograph function and hands Superluminova. E ‘available with leather strap or steel bracelet.

Hamilton, was founded in the US in 1892, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and since 1951 has captured the interest of the film industry. Over the years, Hamilton has often entered his most recognizable models in epic stories such as the futuristic, 2001 Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece of science fiction, I Am Legend, and the trilogy of success Men in Black. In 2013, the brand has been highlighted in the Die Hard series when it appeared on the wrist of Bruce Willis in the last chapter, Die Hard – A good day to die.

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