Glashutte Original Senator Panorama Date Chronograph


In this review we will explore in depth some historical aspects that have inspired the design of original, now available in two versions, as well as to examine the new 37 that animates it. Finally, the description of the details that characterize the aesthetics of this prestigious watch.

Historical Notes on the chronographs of Glashütte
By now you all know that the Saxon watchmaking school was founded in Glashütte, a former metalliferous village just a few kilometers from Dresden. The craftsmen who invited by Ferdinand Adolph Lange settled there, Julius Assmann one of the most famous, and continuing with a random name Bernhard Carstens – model student at the School of Horology – all signed a long tradition of pocket chronographs. Even under the hegemony of socialism, which forbade any form of luxury watchmaking, was born a popular movement now highly prized by collectors.

The new Calibre 37
It ‘s the big news in 2014 of the House and its features do not confirm that. The Calibre 37 is the first self-winding manufacture movement with chronograph function Glashütte Original integrated solution that offers advantages over traditional timepieces bearing the additional module.

Advantages and disadvantages of an integrated
In general, an integrated chronograph movement has a better mechanical performance because by the time you press a button all the gears used to the complication takes less time to line up and take action. To this we must add that in a solution dedicated system-wide benefits from a direct transmission to 100%

A Caliber with complications integrated has no intermediate sinkers and therefore its construction philosophy is more qualitative, as well as the final product which is more compact.

The benefits of an additional module are instead in the rational design and economics of production. The movement that has yet to be born will be able to adapt and – thanks to other modules – get further complications. Just only predict that it is compatible with the mechanism satellite. The Caliber that we are looking instead will only ever deal with measuring short time intervals.

Here is a list of the most significant features
Chronograph with 1/125 second detection time
flyback function
Big Data Overview (two disks coplanar with no window in the middle of quick-release)
70 hours of power reserve with a single barrel
barbell with 4 screws for adjusting gear (novelty)
Bi-directional winding rotor

The Senator has always been a watch that has bet everything on simple lines and elegance that brings the message just comes from them.

The case, now available in red gold and platinum, measuring 42 mm in diameter. It is not limited to a size of a watch style. The loops, short and curved, promise, however, to adapt very well to wrists smaller than average. As usual, and I never tire of saying, all clocks should always be tried before a purchase or jump to conclusions. Highlights oval chronograph buttons with satin polished base and sides that are slightly cashed.

For years, this collection exists, however, in 2013 the designers of manufacturing have with their pencil imposed a major change completely redesigning the cash now that you follow the golden ratio. The bezel that presents a thin edge is now almost flush with the case middle, and this makes observing it from everything seems at the mercy of the dial.
Looking at the side of the end of the bezel that is polished coincides with the caseband which, as the outer side of the loops, instead presents a satin finish.

Always in the Senator collection around the hours are marked by Roman numerals. Inevitable also the scale of small to twenty-arranged outside, and close the bezel is the scale tachograph. The hands are pear-shaped, for both models in blued steel.

Wherever you observe these are certainly no shortage of content. Compared to its predecessor – the Senator Chronograph XL – seem light years away, but it is also true that it is only a matter of objectives – however conceived at different times – that ultimately speak volumes about what is now the target of fans which Glashütte Original has targeted.

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